Counterfeit / Suspect Unapproved Parts Policy Statement.

Glotronic Limited has developed, implemented, and maintains effective methods and processes appropriate to their products to minimize the risk of introducing counterfeit and/or suspect unapproved material.

To mitigate the risk of receiving/purchasing counterfeit or suspect unapproved components Glotronic utilise the services of a long-standing supply chain who are evaluated and monitored prior to acceptance and the ongoing performance of the suppliers.

As a further verification activity at the discretion of the customer Glotronic Limited, visually inspect the packaging and contents plus the received documentation for authenticity and acceptability to the customer requirements. Any product received that is deemed as counterfeit and/or suspect unapproved (No paperwork) will be quarantined until disposition is determined.

Glotronic Limited have introduced an awareness program for all our staff involved in the material handling and purchasing process to ensure they are aware and understand the process requirements. Continuation awareness training will be delivered as and when deemed required by Glotronic management team.

On behalf of Glotronic Ltd.

Form Glo-08 Revision 2