Glotronic is often the first port of call for many customers when it comes to solutions for inventory management and reduction. Whether it be bespoke solutions based on your specific needs, or by using one of our typically used methods, Glotronic can help.

Our Lot Buying service is for customers that would like to sell their entire excess inventory at once and remove the product from their warehouse.

Consignment inventory purchasing involves Glotronic working with a specific list of product you would like to remove from your inventory. We then market the product worldwide through our international network. With a database of several thousand customers, will can market the product to our extensive list of customers. Slower approach than Lot Buying but can result in a higher return.

Complete line purchasing involves setting us up bids for each of your unwanted inventory lines.

Alternatively, there’s our Customer-kept Consignments service. Here you keep the inventory in your own warehouse and we would market the product until sold, or for a negotiated period of time.