Quality Policy Statement

By implementing processes and procedures specific to our activity and relevant for the company, Glotronic Limited makes sure to:

– Continually improve the quality of service provided to our clients

– Regularly assess the quality of service of its subcontractors.

Improving our performance with our clients helps us gaining market shares, which is the main objective.

By its commitment to that quality policy, Glotronic Limited aims to:

– Continually improve the service provided to its clients,

– Self-assess by assigning a Quality rating on the services provided,

– Change the procedures in the light of the disruptions observed,

– Ensure the in-service training of its employees,

– Ensure that the rules and procedures are well understood and applied within each service of the group,

– Assess its subcontractors to make sure they meet Glotronic Limited’s quality standards.

Quality being a common concern, we count on every employee of the company to get fully involved in our quality policy. Thus, we will gain in efficiency, achieve our objectives and earn the trust of new clients.”

NOTE: The Board of Glotronic will ensure that the Quality policy is clearly understood, implemented, maintained, and communicated at all levels in the organisation. Senior Managers shall take the Quality policy into consideration in the development of objectives and targets.

On behalf of Glotronic Ltd.

Form Glo-03 Rev 2.